IR/INFO Proceedings 1998

List of articles contained in the IR/INFO 1998 Proceedings:

Start-Up and Implementation of an IR Program at an Automotive Assembly Plant

Why Record? Infrared Video

Broadening IR Applications Through Using Spectral Filters

Reduction of Unscheduled Downtime Using a Dedicated Team of IR Thermographers

Intel Corporation’s Work Control Process While Performing IR Inspections

Everything You Wanted to Know About How to Use Airborne Ultrasound With Infrared

Directions in Active Thermography

Infrared Mobile Mapping Systems

IR Automation

Finding the Fire Within

Communications Within a Large Corporation

Infrared in Automotive Applications

Dragon Slayers of the Third Millennium

IR Thermography as a Proactive Tool for Roof Maintenance

A Society to Meet the Challenge of the Future

A Society to Meet the Challenge of the Future

Cross Technologies Study at Eli Lilly (Summary)

Uncooled Radiometer Camera Design

IR Used in the Semiconductor Environment

Using Temperature Analysis for Identification and Quantification of Valve Leakage

Substation Equipment Predictive Maintenance

Law Enforcement Use of Thermal Imagers: Is It Thermography?

Utilizing an IR Cameral as a Monitoring System Inside a Nuclear Containment Vessel

Multi-trade Uses of IR at the Lordstown Metal Stamping Center

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