From the Mail Bag

Since 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained thousands of thermographers worldwide. Our list of satisfied clients includes some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies as well as dozens of small and mid-sized companies.

Our grads constantly tell us that we have the industry’s most comprehensive training courses. This is especially flattering when they tell us that they have attended other courses and were exposed to only a fraction of what we teach in our classes. Here is what some of our grads tell us about our courses:

  • Thank you for sending me a complimentary copy of your Level I Thermography Student Reference Manual. After spending some time reviewing it, I am impressed! Your science of heat transfer is clear. I love the section on how to choose the right model thermal imager. That will help me as I try to get a model donated to my school.

    The other thing that I didn’t realize before reading your manual is how many applications there are for a thermal imager. Coming originally from the building industry, I was familiar with building inspections, but I hadn’t considered mechanical applications (motors) or fluid flow inspections (piping). Your manual gave me a host of new ideas I can incorporate into lessons with a thermal imager.

    Thank you for your support of my school and our students.

    George Papayannis
    Fenway High School

  • I would like to express how very satisfied we were with our recent Infrared Level 1 Training Classes at our facility. Mr. Skip Handlin’s impressive style and abilities made for an exciting class. Not only was the information well presented, it was presented in a practical format that applied layman’s terminology mixed with the technical essentials of IR Theory.

    As the Training Coordinator for our mill, I am charged with selecting and purchasing Training Classes for our maintenance department. On occasion we have a class that is simply outstanding in both presentation and content, and this class was one of the best. I frequently converse with other locations on their training needs, and I will highly recommend Infraspection Institute.

    Ronnie Carr
    International Paper Company

  • I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire staff of Infraspection for the outstanding training you provided to us this year. Each of the four on-site classes were excellent, and the instructors were top-notch. Our IR program got a needed “shot in the arm” with the practical knowledge that each of our technicians received. I am certain that the benefits from these classes are already showing up on the plus side of the ledger.

    Infraspection Institute gets the bulk of my gratitude, but I would be selling some short if I didn’t single out a few of your employees. I would like to thank both Lisa Evans and Mary Molle for their work on the logistics and billing for these classes (with a large company like ours and the layers of paperwork needed, that can sometimes be a feat all its own). They made my part of the scheduling, coordinating and execution of these classes seem so easy.

    Also, please extend my appreciation to Mike Sharlon and Skip Handlin for their classroom presentations. Both of them brought a genuine passion for IR to class everyday, and their demonstrations, coaching and the relating of truly relevant personal IR experiences helped make each class a remarkable success.

    Paul Miller
    Dominion Virginia Power
    Richmond, VA

  • Thanks for a VERY informative week! I walked out of your seminar with the feeling that I had got my information straight from the source and that I was now armed with the knowledge I needed to get out there and get started (the right way). Your course was not only informative, but also entertaining. The ability to draw on your own experience and the obvious enthusiasm displayed made it impossible to drift off or daydream. Many of the other [Predictive Maintenance] classes that I have attended are taught by people that have never been in the field themselves, just a heavy reliance on the experience of others or what they’ve read in someone else’s book – AND IT SHOWS.

    Thanks again and I’ll see you in Level – II soon.

    Keith Kasinger
    ISEA Industrial Services Equipment
    Nashville, TN

  • Thank you for the continuing support from the whole staff at Infraspection Institute. The Level – I course has significantly increased my awareness and understanding as an infrared thermographer.

    Ron W. Kittle
    SD Myers
    Uniontown, OH

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