IR/INFO Proceedings 1999

List of articles contained in the IR/INFO 1999 Proceedings:

Detecting Shaft Misalignment in large Sleeve Bearing Machineswith Infrared Imaging

On My Own, What’s It Like

Ultrasonic Applications in Steam Systems

Infrared Thermographic Inspection of Electrical Distribution Boards – Low Voltage

Integration of Automated Systems for Infrared Program at Intel’s Fab-11 Facility

The How’s and Why’s of Infrared at Ford Motor Company

Implementation of an Infrared Program in the Cogeneration Industry

Locating SF6 Gas Leaks Using GasVue Technology

Transient Overheat Condition in Main Transformer (GSU) 345 kv Bushing

Tackling the EMF Interference Problem

Standards for Total Productive Maintenance

Central Certification: Providing Accountability Through Quality Assurance

Integration of Predictive Technologies to Ensure Equipment Reliability

Inspection of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Using Temperature Analysis for Identification and Quantificationm of Valve Leakage

Infrared Use and Applications in the Refining and Petrochemical Industry

“After The Switchgear”

Infrared Thermography at Walmart

Expert Witness Testimony and Infrared Thermography

Cooled vs. Uncooled: Which, When, Why?

Automated Infrared Report Generation: Can it be true?

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