IR/INFO Proceedings 2001

List of articles contained in the IR/INFO 2001 Proceedings:

More Energy Bang For Your Buck

David Vanderbeek, SAV-AIR, L. L. C.

Aerospace Thermography at Warner Robins Air Logistics Command

James O. (Jim) Armstrong, Robins AFB, GA

New Advancements in Microbolometer Sensor and Infrared Camera Design

“Thomas J. Scanlon & Kjell Lindström, FLIR Systems, Inc.

A Different View to Utility Power Line Scanning

Harley Denio, Oregon Infrared

Preparing for the Unknown

Ron Predmesky and Matt Zaluzec, Ford Motor Company

PROACTâ For Infrared Thermographers

Robert J. Latino, Reliability Center, Inc.

Utility Customer-Based Infrared Thermography Programs

John Fehlberg, Florida Power and Light Company

Concerns with Type “U” Bushings (and What to Look out for)

Tom Frail, Con Edison

Failure of Freehold Bank 1 LTC and the Detection of Repair Deficiencies Through Follow-up Infrared Testing

Lawrence P. Hayes, GPU Energy

Testify Like an Expert

Robert J. Incollingo, Esq.

Which is the Best Technology to Use for This Application? Ultrasound or Infrared?

Mark Goodman, UE Systems, Inc.

Make Time For Reliability

Terrence O’Hanlon,

Use of Infrared Thermography to Improve the Melt Spinning and Processing of Polyester Fibers

Glenn Gibson and Mark Tincher, Eastman Chemical Company

Corona Discharge, Ultrasound, and Thermal Heating Events on High Voltage Sources

Daniel A. Ninedorf, Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc.

Utility Deregulation in California and What Effect Will it Have on Thermography as a Predictive Maintenance Strategy?

Dick Toth, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Using STMicroelectronics Inc. Energized Electrical Work Permit While Performing Infrared Inspections

Cliff Sohl, STMicroelectronics Inc.

Applications for Aerial Infrared Thermography

Greg Stockton, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

Clandestine Aerial Infrared Operations in Colombia

” Ray Davies”, “Aerial Infrared Remote Sensing”

Infrared Thermography: On-Line

Jon Chynoweth, Mikron Instruments, Inc.

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