IR/INFO Conference Proceedings 2002

List of articles contained in the IR/INFO 2002 Proceedings:

The Future of Reliability and Maintenance

Terrence O’Hanlon

Overview of the State of the Technology

James & Chris Seffrin

Electrical Infrared Inspection & NFPA 70E

Clifford Sohl

NDT of Composite Materials

Ron Predmesky

Finding Sources of Energy Waste with Ultrasound and Infrared Technology

Mark Goodman


Olivier Beauchemin

Calculating Spot Measurement Size for Imaging Radiometers

Warren C. Garber

Precision Alignment Issues

Ron Sullivan

The Evolution of the Precision Paradigm: A Thermographer’s Perspective

Robert J. Latino

IR Surveys, Reporting and Databasing

Robert Madding

Manufacturing’s High-Tech Revolution

Pak Wong

Using Alternative Non-Destructive Test Methods to Complement an Infrared Inspection Program

Rob Seraphim

The Expert’s Report – Science, Substance, and Style

Robert J. Incollingo

Using Exception 2000 for Windows Software

Sharon Brebner

Utilizing Infrared and Airborne Ultrasound Together

Bruce Williams

Applying FEA to Perform Heat Transfer Calculations to Increase the Utility of IR Thermography

Jack M. Kleinfeld

Are You IR Challenged?

Gregory R. Stockton

Different IR Applications

Dick Toth

September 11, 2001: A Thermographer’s Perspective

Carol Ciemiengo

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