Level III Curriculum

1. Ensure a Successful Infrared Inspection Program

  • Define a successful program and identify program obstacles
  • Understand the requirements of OSHA, NFPA, and other regulatory agencies
  • Identify and specify safe practices for performing IR inspections
  • Eliminate recurring problems through application of Root Cause Failure Analysis

2. Explore Latest Technology

  • Discover newest applications for infrared thermography
  • Discuss features and benefits of new test equipment
  • Utilize state-of-the-art software for data management & report generation
  • Identify industry trends and business opportunities

3. Understand Industry Standards & Specifications

  • Review current standards and specifications
    • ASTM, ANSI, ASNT, Infraspection Institute, ISO, NETA, NFPA
  • Examine current NDT certification programs
  • Identify certification criteria
  • Develop a written practice for thermographer certification using ASNT standards

4. Marketing and Promoting an Infrared Inspection Program

  • Enlist principles of marketing to identify, position and price IR services
  • Analyze best practices for effective promotion
  • Discuss key elements for an effective website
  • Explore e-commerce opportunities to increase revenue

5. Thermography and the Law

  • Review importance of thermography as legal evidence
  • Examine role of the thermographer as an expert witness
  • Identify appropriate report content
  • Learn cardinal rules for delivering testimony

6. Applying Tools to Ensure Program Longevity

  • Learn five methodologies for calculating program payback or ROI
  • Understand how to integrate thermography into a Quality Management System
  • Discover how to effectively identify and solve problems
  • Identify software that can slash report writing time up to 80%

7. Integrating PdM Technologies

  • Discuss role of thermography as a PdM technology
  • Identify complementary PdM technologies
  • Learn necessary steps to effectively implement a PdM program
  • Ensure program longevity through proper planning and management
Perform process monitoring and temperature measurement