Exception® Pro Software


January 3, 2020 - For nearly twenty years Exception® software has been a valuable resource for thermographers worldwide and an important chapter in the history of Infraspection Institute; however, that chapter is now closed.

Due to changes in technology beyond our control, Infraspection will no longer distribute any version of Exception® software after February 28, 2020. Current users of Exception® software may continue to use the program; however, the software may not be compatible with future upgrades to your computer’s disk operating system.

In response to customer requests and capitalizing on advancements in technology, T/IR Systems LLC – the parent company of Infraspection Institute – has developed TI Reporter™. TI Reporter™ is the world’s first cloud-based infrared reporting software that works with all thermal imagers. Designed by personnel from Infraspection Institute, TI Reporter™ is the perfect upgrade for users of Exception® software or thermographers seeking to cut their reporting time by up to 80%.

For a limited time, you may try TI Reporter™ for FREE by visiting www.TI-Reporter.com.

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