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Infraspection Institute Releases New Standard
Infrared Thermal Imaging of Horses

Burlington, NJ  January 14, 2015 -- Infraspection Institute has announced the release of a new standard titled, Standard for Infrared Thermal Imaging of Horses. This brings to eleven the number of standards published by Infraspection Institute pertaining to infrared inspections and non-contact temperature measurement. Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, states, “We are very excited about the release of our new standard. During the past two years we have received numerous requests for a standard for conducting thermal imaging of horses. We believe that this standard is the first of its kind and are especially proud that Infraspection has once again responded to the needs of our industry.”

Photo and thermal images courtesy of United Infrared, Inc.

Recognizing the need for standardized procedures, Infraspection Institute began publishing guidelines for thermography in 1993. Since their initial publication, Infraspection Institute guidelines have been adopted by hundreds of companies worldwide and incorporated into documents published by recognized standards organizations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Beginning in 2007, Infraspection Institute guidelines were updated and renamed as standards to reflect their industry-wide acceptance and the best practices they embody.

Peter Hopkins, Vice President of United Infrared, Inc. and co-author of the new standard had this to say: “This document is a milestone for the science of equine thermography. By outlining the parameters required to collect reliable and repeatable data, Infraspection has helped to advance this unique application to the benefit of horses and their owners. We will be incorporating the new standard into the curriculum for our EquineIR™ training courses.”

Eleven comprehensive standards are now available from Infraspection Institute. These documents cover equipment operation, temperature measurement, and specific thermographic applications. Each Infraspection standard provides simple and straightforward procedures along with the requirements for properly documenting test results. These documents are a ‘must-have’ for anyone who specifies, performs, or oversees infrared inspections.

Seffrin adds, “Our new standard, Infrared Thermal Imaging of Horses, represents the work of many practicing thermographers and equine experts. We wish to thank them for their valuable contributions in helping us to respond proactively to thermographer needs and advance our industry once again. We invite every practicing thermographer to add a copy of Infraspection Standards to their reference library.”

Copies of all Infraspection Standards are available in PDF format and may be purchased by calling Infraspection Institute at 609-239-4788 or visiting the Infraspection Online Store.