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Infraspection Institute Announces Release of Updated Standards for 2022

Burlington, NJ  March 1, 2022 -- Infraspection Institute has announced the release of updated versions of its popular series of Standards for infrared thermography. All twelve Standards have been revised to keep abreast of technological and industry changes.

Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, states, “We are very excited about the release of our updated standards. The past couple of years have seen significant changes within the infrared inspection industry especially with thermal imaging equipment. The 2022 version of our Standards addresses these changes and provides clear and concise procedures for the proper use of thermal imaging equipment and outlines best practices for infrared inspections.”

Each Infraspection standard provides simple and straightforward procedures along with the requirements for properly documenting test results. Infraspection application standards provide a blueprint for both specifying and performing infrared inspections and are designed to be incorporated into contract documents.  These standards are a ‘must-have’ for anyone who specifies, performs, or oversees infrared inspections. 

Seffrin adds, “Our newly revised standards represent the work of many practicing thermographers and other experts.  We wish to thank them for their valuable contributions in helping us to respond proactively to thermographer needs and advance our industry once again.  We encourage every practicing thermographer to add a copy of Infraspection Standards to their reference library.”

Copies of all Infraspection Standards are available in PDF format through the Infraspection Online Store for $50 each or $350 for the entire series of all twelve.