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Infraspection Institute Announces Affiliate Partners Program

Burlington, NJ  May 3, 2006 -- Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the implementation of their new Affiliate Partner program. The Infraspection Affiliate Partner program is a web-based system for advertising that pays commissions on sales generated through hosted ads. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, the Infraspection AP program is based upon the proven concept of affiliate marketing and is similar to highly-successful affiliate marketing programs offered by Google and

According to Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, “We are very excited about our new Affiliate Partner program. It enables our partners to expand their web site content while increasing their exposure and search engine relevance. Best of all, Partner can generate a positive cash flow and turn their website into a profit center with no capital investment.

Web Developer Oliver Beauchemin adds, “The Infraspection Institute Affiliate Partner program represents a unique opportunity for thermographers. In addition to earning sales commissions, our Partners’ corporate image is bolstered as their websites become resource centers for their clients. Partner websites also enjoy increased traffic and internet prominence through their association with the most respected name in the infrared industry.”

“Joining the Infraspection Affiliate Partner program is quick and easy. Partners choose their ads and have complete control over their placement. Participation is free and requires no special software or maintenance. With no capital investment and the option to opt out at anytime, Partners have absolutely nothing to lose.”

For more information on becoming an Affiliate Partner, contact Infraspection Institute at 609-239-4877 or become an Affiliate Partner immediately by visiting the Affiliate FAQ page.

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