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Infraspection Institute Adds Level III Course to Schedule

Burlington, NJ  June 21, 2006 -- Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the addition of a second Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer Course® to our 2006 course schedule. This course will be held in Philadelphia, PA from October 2 to 4 immediately following our Level II Course.

According to Perry Cabrera, Sales Manager of Infraspection Institute, “We are very pleased to be able to offer thermographers a second opportunity to take our Level III course this year. The decision to add a second course is in response to requests from our clients eager to advance their training to the highest level possible.”

Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute states, “This year’s course material has been extensively revised to reflect current industry trends and best practices. This course is no longer just for program managers, but every practicing thermographer wishing to maximize their knowledge and technical skills. We cover a broad range of topics that are applicable to both in-house thermographers and professional consultants.”

Seffrin also notes, “As the thermographic industry matures, Level III certification can provide thermographers with a competitive advantage. Recognizing certification as a professional credential, employers and customers have begun to favor Level III thermographers over those with minimal training and certification. In light of this, Level III training is now a must for every practicing thermographer.”

Current course topics for Infraspection’s Level III Best Practices course include, but are not limited to: Defining a successful program, exploring the latest technology, understanding current industry standards and specs, safety, the importance of certification, marketing and promoting an infrared program, thermography and the law, advanced heat transfer theory and applications, and integrating PdM technologies.

With Level II and Level III courses scheduled for successive weeks, students can complete their formal training all at once. For more information or to register for a course, contact Infraspection Institute at 609-239-4877 or visit