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Infraspection Introduces New Guideline for Pest Detection

Burlington, NJ  March 8, 2007 -- Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the availability of a new applications standard titled, Guideline for Infrared Inspections to Detect Pests and Pest Related Damage. Developed by Infraspection and experts within the pest management industry, this 10 page document outlines procedures for detecting pests and pest related damage using a thermal imager. The Guideline applies to mammals, insects, and wood destroying organisms such as mold and fungi.

According to Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, “Our new Guideline is a unique, cutting-edge document designed to help ensure accurate data collection and repeatable results. This comprehensive document was developed in response to a lack of formal published standards for this application.”

Jon Grossman, Guideline contributor and President of Hi-Tech Inspection Services, adds, “Infraspection’s new Guideline fills a need that has existed for quite some time within the Integrated Pest Management profession. This document provides pest management professionals with straightforward procedures that help ensure accuracy and enhance credibility.”

Seffrin continues, “Infraspection has been deeply committed to the advancement of thermography as a profession and a science for nearly 30 years. We are pleased to be able to once again advance thermography with our new Guideline.”

For more information or to purchase copies of Infraspection Institute Guidelines, visit the Infraspection Online Store. For information on thermographer certification or training classes call 609-239-4788..