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IBEW Local 269 Holds First Certified Infrared Thermographer® Class

Trenton, NJ  May 15, 2015 -- International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 269 recently held their first Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer® training class through Infraspection Institute’s course materials licensing program. Fifteen apprentice electricians attended the 5 day class which was sponsored through the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. The course was taught by Local 269 member and Journeyman electrician, Joe Blauth.

Jim Stover, Training Director for the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, had this to say: “Thermography has become an essential tool for electrical system maintenance. We want to ensure that our apprentices have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly conduct thermal imaging and interpret the results.”

Five days in length, the Level I Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® course focuses on the application of qualitative thermal imaging. The course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, image analysis, and report generation. Several applications are covered including electrical distribution systems and mechanical systems.
At the conclusion of the course, Infraspection Institute’s Director, Jim Seffrin, had this to say: “We are very pleased to be working with IBEW Local 269. This is a perfect example of how our Course Materials Licensing Program can be used to cost-effectively train several people within a large organization. We look forward to supporting Local 269 and would encourage other professional organizations to follow their lead in training their thermographers.”
Infraspection Institute is the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Their course materials licensing program is open to individuals, companies, and educational institutions. It is perfect for those seeking to provide green technology education as well as companies or organizations seeking to educate a sizeable thermography team. Licensees can elect to teach applications or full certification courses.