Newsletter Archive – August 2016

Volume 5 Issue 8 August 2016

Director’s Message

Savvy professionals recognize the importance of capital when undertaking any new project. Failure to properly capitalize a project can have disastrous consequences, particularly when a business does not have the key resources it needs.

Unfortunately, in the aggressive marketing of predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies, it is relatively easy to spawn and perpetuate fallacies regarding the need for certain resources. One prime example is infrared thermography – often associated with the term ‘simply point and shoot’. Coupled with the promise of quick and substantial paybacks, facility managers will readily invest thousands of dollars in hardware and software, only to sometimes be disappointed.
Undercapitalizing manpower is often the greatest threat to PdM and what can ultimately lead to program failure. In setting up a PdM program, the most common mistakes include insufficient staff and training and not enough time for data collection and analysis.

When considering implementation of any PdM program, one must first begin by honestly assessing the amount of manpower required. For maintenance teams already working at capacity, it is unrealistic to expect that existing personnel will have several hours to dedicate to data collection and analysis each month. If necessary, consider adding personnel or redistributing responsibilities to ensure that technicians will have sufficient time available. In addition to technicians, companies must be certain to allocate or hire suitable support staff as well.

To ensure their PdM programs are successful, companies should always seriously consider the necessary human capital – not just hardware and software requirements. The proper investment in PdM technicians and support personnel can pay enormous dividends and help to ensure program longevity.

Course Materials Licensing

Infraspection Institute’s course materials licensing program provides a unique opportunity for experienced thermographers to bring quality training to their clients without having to develop their own training materials. Licensees can elect to teach applications or certification courses. Best of all, our program provides all training materials, course manuals, instructor training, and support.
Benefits of our program: 

  • Expand your services and increase profits
  • Enhance your credibility
  • Provide world-class thermography training with minimal investment
Infraspection Institute’s course materials licensing is open to individuals, companies, and educational institutions. It is perfect for those seeking to provide green technology education as well as companies seeking to educate a sizeable thermography team.

Renting a Thermal Imager

Whether you are facing an equipment shortage or looking to evaluate the characteristics of a new imager prior to purchase, renting a thermal imager may provide a solution. As with purchasing an imager, there are several important things to consider when arranging for a rental unit. 

To help ensure that you select an appropriate imager for rental, be certain to:

  • Identify appropriate spectral response required for project
  • Determine if temperature measurement is required
  • Evaluate the system for objective specifications
  • Ascertain imager compatibility with reporting software

When arranging for a rental, obtain terms and conditions from the rental agency. These should include, but not be limited to: rental period, extension of rental, shipping costs, and requirements for insurance against loss. One should also consider the rental agency’s ability to provide technical support during the rental period.

Early Registration Bonus for IR/INFO Exhibitors

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce an early registration bonus for exhibitors at its annual IR/INFO Conference. Exhibitors that register and pay for their booth prior to September 15 are eligible to bring a second person at no additional charge. Valued at $595, this bonus provides full conference access, conference proceedings, and a tuition voucher redeemable for a discount on an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course.

Now in its 28th year, IR/INFO is the original Advanced Infrared Training Conference, Technical Symposium, and Technology Expo. IR/INFO features four days of networking, learning, and fun in a professional, yet relaxed, family atmosphere. IR/INFO is scheduled for January 22 – 25, 2017 in Orlando, FL.

IR/INFO is a must attend event for all manufacturers and distributors of infrared equipment, condition based monitoring tools and services, reporting software, and those who provide products or services of interest to thermographers.