Newsletter Archive – January 2014

Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2014

Director’s Message

With interest in thermography at an all-time high, more people are seeking training and certification. When comparing infrared course offerings, many mistakenly assume that all training and certification courses are the same.

The greatest limitation in an infrared inspection is the thermographer. Because of this, thermographer training and certification have long been recognized as requirements to help ensure accurate inspections. To this end, several firms offer Level I, II, and III training courses; however, these courses are not equal.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing document, SNT-TC-1A outlines suggested topics for training and certifying NDT personnel in the Thermal/Infrared Testing Method. Suggested topics range from basic theory and camera operation to advanced thermographic applications. Since these topics are suggestions, companies have wide latitude in compiling course content. Because of this, one should never assume that courses bearing the same name will contain similar content.

When considering any infrared training course, be certain to:

  • Review course curriculum carefully to ensure it meets your needs
  • Ascertain type of certification provided and its expiration date
  • Consider the history of the training firm and its credentials

Lastly, beware of training courses offered by equipment manufacturers or “vendor neutral” instructors. Only an independent training firm can offer unbiased opinions with respect to equipment choices.

For over 30 years, Infraspection Institute’s Certified Infrared Thermographer® training courses have set the industry standard for excellence. In addition to our Level I, II, and III Certified Infrared Thermographer® courses, we offer several industry-specific application and operator training courses. All courses are taught by highly experienced Level III practicing thermographers.

First Level III Course Held in Australia

IPI Infrared recently held the first Infraspection Institute Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course in Mitcham, Victoria. A total of eight thermographers from Australia attended and achieved their Level III certification in best practices for infrared thermography. The course was taught by IPI Infrared’s Brenton Ward and Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute. Both gentlemen are highly experienced, Level III professional thermographers.
Following the class, Mr. Ward had this to say: “We are thrilled with the opportunity to advance infrared training and certification in Australia. Our Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course is a first for our region and an important step in the advancement of thermography.”

Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer® is a three-day course focused on best practices for infrared inspections and associated activities. Focusing on information vital to the long term success of an infrared inspection program, the course covers advanced topics related to developing, implementing, and managing a successful infrared inspection program.

Jim Seffrin, Director of Infraspection Institute, adds “We are very pleased to be working with IPI Infrared and to support their efforts to advance thermography as a science and a profession. We wish to congratulate all Level III graduates and we look forward to supporting your future thermographic endeavors.”

Mr. Ward concluded, “Our Level III training is a must for all professional thermographers wishing to unlock the true potential and value of their infrared cameras. We look forward to hosting future Level III classes and invite all thermographers to join us in achieving this important professional recognition.”

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In celebration of IR/INFO’s 25th anniversary, Infraspection Institute is pleased to extend a special offer combining the world’s most respected infrared training and certification program with the industry’s original technical conference.?

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Additionally, conference attendees who register and pay for the full conference before January 15, 2014 will receive a tuition voucher for up to 100% discount on a 2014 Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course!

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