Newsletter Archive – July 2016

Volume 5 Issue 7 July 2016

Director’s Message

On the 4th of July, Americans will celebrate Independence Day – a national holiday that is distinctly our own.

Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, by the Second Continental Congress. By declaring that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation and no longer part of the British Empire, the United States of America was born. Already at war with Great Britain, it would not be until the end of he Revolutionary War in 1783 that the survival of the United States was assured.
Americans often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending picnics or barbecues with friends and relatives. Many attend patriotic parades and ceremonies during the day and public fireworks displays in the evening. American flags and decorations of red, white, and blue are found everywhere.

As you celebrate the holiday, I would invite you to take a moment to reflect upon the genesis of our nation and the principles upon which it was founded. Take a moment to reflect upon the freedoms that you enjoy along with the sacrifices of those who made such freedom possible and those who help to ensure its continued existence.

May you enjoy a safe and Happy Independence Day!

Become an Infraspection Course Reseller

Proper training is essential to the success and longevity of any infrared inspection program. If you are a professional thermographer, distribute infrared or related test equipment, or are involved in professional training, we can help you to increase both sales and profits. An affiliation with Infraspection Institute can also help to increase your company’s visibility without compromising your credibility.

With the proliferation of cheaper infrared cameras, competition has become more fierce and profits more scarce. Offering training can not only expand your services and increase profits, it can help provide a long-term relationship that keeps your clients ‘on the farm’ and close to you.
Because Infraspection Institute do not sell infrared equipment, our courses are presented without marketing hype. Since we are not affiliated with infrared equipment manufacturers, you can rest assured that your clients are not being hijacked by a competitor. Best of all, you have several options to choose from including open enrollment classes, on-site courses, and our convenient web-based Distance Learning courses.

IRINFO.ORG 5 Star Website Award

IRINFO.ORG, an authoritative web resource in the infrared field, continues to recognize our industry’s best web sites with its 5 Star website award. 5 Star recognition is reserved for websites that professionally promote IR thermography and related PdM technologies.

Websites bearing the 5 Star logo have distinguished themselves among their peers as one of the best resources on the internet today. 5 Star recognition is FREE; however, a website must meet the following criteria:
  • Information on the website must be easy to find
  • The website must positively promote IR Thermography or related PDM or NDT
  • The website must be referred to the Technical Editors of by a current member of the IRINFO Group discussion forum

In addition to professional recognition, achieving 5 Star status can help to increase traffic to your site and help to improve your site ranking with popular search engines.  Participation in the program is free and one may opt out at any time.

Call for Papers for IR/INFO 2017

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce that its annual Advanced Training Conference, Technical Symposium and Technology Expo, IR/INFO 2017, will be held January 22 – 25, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Now in its 28th year, IR/INFO features four days of networking, learning, and fun in a relaxed, yet professional, family atmosphere.

Infraspection Institute is presently seeking papers and presenters for IR/INFO 2017. Invited topics include, but are not limited to: safety, emerging applications, building sciences, related NDT, case histories, as well as tips and tricks.
Presentations are typically 25 minutes with 5 minutes for Q & A time with the audience. All papers and presentations will be published in the IR/INFO Proceedings. The deadline for abstract submissions is July 31.