Newsletter Archive – March 2014

Volume 3 Issue 3 March 2014

Director’s Message

The harshness of this past winter is likely to be remembered for quite some time. Noteworthy too, is the unseen toll that winter has taken on many commercial buildings. Left undetected, the damage caused by winter’s fury can lead to premature roof failure. Fortunately, an infrared inspection of your roof can detect evidence of problems before they get out of hand.

Performed under the proper conditions with the right equipment, an infrared inspection can detect evidence of latent moisture within the roofing system often before leaks become evident in the building.

The best candidates for infrared inspection are flat or low slope roofs where the insulation is located between the roof deck and the membrane and is in direct contact with the underside of the membrane. Applicable constructions are roofs with either smooth or gravel-surfaced, built-up or single-ply membranes. If gravel is present, it should be less than ½” in diameter and less than 1″ thick. All infrared data should be verified by a qualified roofing professional via core sampling or invasive moisture meter readings.

Infrared inspection of flat roofs and proper equipment selection are two of the many topics covered in all Infraspection Level I training courses. For more information or to obtain a copy of the Standard for Infrared Inspection of Insulated Roofs, please call or visit us online.

Distance Learning Courses

Since 2004 Infraspection Institute has been providing web-based training courses for infrared thermographers. At present, we offer the most comprehensive list of online training courses including Level I, II, and III Thermography as well as several application and industry-specific courses.

Courses are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world via a computer or a smart device. Students who complete 32 hours of training qualify to take the Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® exam. Take your training wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you!

IRINFO.ORG 5 Star Web Site Award

IRINFO.ORG, an authoritative web resource in the infrared field, continues to recognize our industry’s best web sites with its 5 Star web site award. 5 Star recognition is reserved for web sites that professionally promote IR thermography and related PdM technologies.

Web sites bearing the 5 Star logo have distinguished themselves among their peers as one of the best resources on the internet today. 5 Star recognition is FREE; however, a web site must meet the following criteria:
  •   Information on the web site must be easy to find.
  •   The web site must positively promote IR Thermography or related PDM or NDT.
  •   The web site must be referred to the Technical Editors of by a current member of the IRINFO Group discussion forum.

In addition to professional recognition, achieving 5 Star status can help to increase traffic to your site and help to improve your site ranking with popular search engines.  Participation in the program is free and one may opt out at any time.  

Call for Papers for IR/INFO 2015

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce that its annual Advanced Training Conference, Technical Symposium and Technology Expo, IR/INFO 2015, will be held January 18 – 21, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now in its 26th year, IR/INFO features four days of networking, learning, and fun in a relaxed, yet professional, family atmosphere.

Infraspection Institute is presently seeking papers and presenters for IR/INFO 2015. Invited topics include, but are not limited to: safety, emerging applications, building sciences, related NDT, case histories, as well as tips and tricks. Presentations are typically 25 minutes with 5 minutes for Q & A time with the audience. All papers and presentations will be published in the IR/INFO Proceedings. The deadline for abstract submissions is July 31.