Newsletter Archive – November 2018

Volume 7 Issue 11 – November 2018

Director’s Message

In my home state of New Jersey, the signs of an approaching Winter are everywhere – falling leaves, empty farm fields, and flocks of birds flying south. Here too, are cooler nights which annually herald Winter’s approach.

With cooler weather upon us, some folks have pulled out their cold weather gear and tested their home heating systems to help ensure they are ready for the onset of Winter. While it is common for homeowners in my region to perform a systems check on their heating equipment, few give consideration to the performance of the home itself.

Energy loss due to poor building performance accounts for millions of dollars in wasted energy annually. Missing or damaged insulation and air infiltration can cause heating equipment to work harder and contribute to significant comfort issues for building occupants.

Homeowners who have not had their home tested are encouraged to contact a qualified energy auditor to have their home thermographically inspected and tested for air tightness. Following the recommendations of a proper energy audit can result in a rapid payback in avoided energy costs as well as a significant increase in the comfort of occupants.

Training Scholarships for US Veterans

In 2012, Infraspection Institute established the Christopher Seffrin Memorial Scholarship for Veterans as a tribute to those who have served our country. As we observe Veteran’s Day this month, Infraspection Institute extend a heartfelt Thank You to our service members and invite you to take advantage of the benefits of this unique training opportunity.

The Christopher Seffrin Memorial Scholarship is open to all US veterans who have served a minimum of four years in the US Armed Forces and have been honorably discharged. Scholarships are funded by Infraspection Institute and may only be applied to courses purchased through the Infraspection Institute website.

Scholarships do not apply to refresher courses and may not be combined with any other discount. Eligible applicants are limited to one scholarship per qualifying course in which they are enrolled up to a maximum of three courses.

Scholarships of up to $500 are available for Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer training courses and Level I, II, and III thermography courses available through Infraspection’s Distance Learning program.

Attend IR/INFO and Get FREE Training!

In celebration of IR/INFO’s 30th anniversary, Infraspection Institute are pleased to announce a special offer combining the world’s most respected infrared training and certification program with the industry’s original technical conference.

Attend IR/INFO and receive a tuition voucher for up to 100% discount on a 2019 Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course.

Special offers may not be combined with any other discount. Training course vouchers must be used by 12/31/19. Tuition vouchers are transferable to a third party for a $500 administrative fee.

Do You Have the Correct Time?

Most modern thermal imagers have the ability to record time and date along with thermal images. Taking a moment to ensure that the correct time and date are displayed on your imager before you begin your inspection can help to avoid wasted time and the collection of inaccurate data.

Having the correct time associated with your imagery is important for several reasons. With correctly dated imagery, it is possible to:

  • Accurately document when an inspection was performed
  • Easily store and uniquely reference image files
  • Record the duration of a thermal event

It is always good practice to consciously check your imager’s clock each time you start your imager and make any necessary adjustments. Be certain to check the clock periodically during each inspection and whenever the imager is restarted, such as after a battery change or power interruption.

If your imager frequently displays incorrect time, it may be indicative of a defective or dead internal battery. To avoid this problem, arrange for replacement of internal clock batteries whenever you have your imager serviced or repaired.