Newsletter Archive – October 2016

Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2016

Director’s Message

Many companies perform infrared inspections on a regular basis as part of maintenance for electrical and mechanical equipment. It is not uncommon for infrared inspections to reveal defects that are undetectable by other means. Based upon findings from these inspections, maintenance personnel typically investigate exceptions for cause and take appropriate corrective measures.

Once corrective measures have been implemented, it is extremely important to thermographically reinspect repaired items to ensure that the original discrepancies have been resolved and that new problems have not developed. Unfortunately, many maintenance managers elect to forgo a follow-up infrared inspection in the mistaken belief that repair personnel will always be 100% effective in correcting problems.
There are a number of reasons why defects may persist following corrective actions. Rather than attempt to list those reasons here, it is important to understand that the best quality assurance measure for deficiencies repaired as the result of an infrared inspection is a follow-up infrared inspection. For best results, follow-up infrared inspections should be performed within 48 hours of repair completion with the subject component under similar load and ambient conditions.

Whenever possible, the thermographer should document the subject component with a new thermogram and all pertinent data and incorporate this information into his/her original inspection report.

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